October 19, 2011

what HE wore wednesday (cause what i wore, just ain't worth showing)... PS. or what he wears everday

this could definitely be re-titled what he wears everyday
the stinkster is so obsessed with this new hockey stick 
we love it too because it's a soft pleather that doesn't scratch our floors
but it has kind of ruined our lives.
from the moment i wake up until the moment i sleep
there is a little creature that follows me around shoving a hockey stick in my face 
saying "uhhhh uhhhh"
i'm pretty certain that if google translate had a 
from: gibberish - to: english
"uhhh uhhh" would translate to "play or die" 
{which, depending on his tone may or may not have a swear word at the end}

*i have at least one guess as to why the previous owners gave this toy to good will

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