November 24, 2011


i need to feel better
recover me
under a warm blanket
with a hot cup of ginger tea
a day in bed
counting the popcorn on my ceiling
i need to dye my hair
i see some greys
anatomy not on again
eleven pm
you should be in bed
i am
making a list of christmas ideas
door mat
noel, noel,
noel, noel
born is the king of israel
abrupt ending

November 23, 2011

chicche della nonna

wednesday's dinner
it's kinda like gnocchi
but should be smaller
mine were pretty big
oversized chicche
i read the ingredients and was shocked to find that it didn't call for any potatoes or eggs
all i kept saying over and over {which must have annoyed stefano} was:
but... how can there be no potatoes?
what about eggs.. where will the moisture come from? what will hold it together?
i didn't trust this recipe
i googled every chicche recipe out there
they ALL had potatoes
they ALL had egg yolk
i was beginning to think the author made a mistake
maybe she forgot to add it in there?
maybe it's a typo?
i decided i'd follow the recipe
only because if it didn't work out i planned on emailing to complain
{i'm just like that}

i didn't have to because 
it was AMAZING.
i could go on and on and on 
but i'm so full, i just want to share the secret with my blogmates and go to bed.
here it is:

600g of ricotta cheese
80g flour
150g spinach
200g mild gorgonzola cheese 
{i substituted with parmigiano -- i have cheese issues}
50g walnuts {crushed}
a dash of milk

boil the spinach until cooked
cool and dry {i used a salad spinner}

blend or chop the spinach

preparation of the pasta
mix the spinach, ricotta and flour together in a bowl
shape into a ball, then flatten into a roll
roll it out with your hands {like you did with play-doh as a kid}
cut into small 1½ cm squares
place on a flour-covered surface

preparation of the sauce
melt the gorgonzola
add a little milk and the crushed walnuts
{instead what i did here was melt a butter in a pan, add the crushed walnuts and some thick cream}

gently pour the pasta into a pot of salted boiling water
like gnocchi, they will float to the surface when cooked
usually after about 2 minutes

remove chicche from water with a skimmer

 in a deep dish alternate layers of sauce and chicche pasta


"ho viaggiato un po' in tutto il mondo. ebbene, posso dirvi che la pasta migliore si mangia da me!"
"i've travelled a bit throughout the world. and i can tell you, the best pasta is eaten in my home!"
{valentina ticchi - re:chicche della nonna}

November 22, 2011

about us

i've been sick. and tired.
so no blog post today.
but i did complete my 'about us' page which you can check out 
important things take time

November 21, 2011

life and loves

according an iphone and some bad lighting

it's hockey night every night
this boy sleeps, eats, breathes hockey.
it's like a blanky, only not-so-soft.  the other night he slept with it.
thank goodness for daddies that bring home surprises for sick mommies
thank goodness for casual friday after a sick thursday
and a somewhat still sick friday
can't seem to shake this
pizza friday. num num.
saturday he woke up at 7am. so did i.
only difference is that one of us went back to bed at 9am.

oh. how excited i am for christmas this year.
so many decorations
too many ideas
if i don't pick one, my christmas decor will end up like my home.. a big blended mess.
why stick to a theme/colour when you can have em all... that's my motto.
 melissa & doug wooden nativity set --
ya i know you can read that in the photo...

 sunday dinner shopping for the week
he slept like this the whole time
we spent way under budget for this week's dinners
yay us!
who goes to a christmas decor show one hour before it's closing after it's been on all weekend?
we do

November 20, 2011

let's get cooking

week one photo recap:
 tuesday: lasagna with peas, prosciutto and mushrooms 
 wednesday: chicken breast in a butter-sage sauce 
 thursday: mussels in white wine with garlic, green onions and tomatoes
friday: pizza! i added sauteed mushrooms, prosciutto, and balsamic to mine. stefano added anchovies.

and because no one is perfect: 
monday i was not feeling well and stefano had volleyball, so my mom brought dinner over for us.
thanks mom!

so here's the plan for
week 2
monday: filet mignon {which we missed last week}
tuesday: chicche della nonna {recipe will be up on tuesday}
wednesday: butter chicken with rice
thursday: mussels again {at stefano's request}
friday: gnocchi alla sorrentina {recipe will be up on friday}

food for thought:
do vegetarians eat animal crackers? {uknown}

November 17, 2011


i've been staring at a blank page on and off pretty much all day
what a day
long and short
sick, sick, sick
i don't wanna write this down, i wanna tell you how i feel right now
in my head
after a read comment about mos def
great song to be stuck on
so much to write, nothing coming out
seba bit a boy in school today!
on the leg
not in a bully-ish way {thank god}
in lovebite way
love bites and pushes
it's our fault
we romp and roll
tickle and nibble 
seba is discovering and learning
he's an absorbent sponge
hugs kids till they fall down
and nibbles on their legs
they cry
he doesn't understand
hugs them
today he came home and i said:
seba bite
{wanting to know if he understood the word}
he did
i told him "bacio" --  no "bite"
he kissed me
and said 
lesson learned
yesterday he was grumpy
and i realize hockey is his blankie
when he's having a bad day or he's irritable
hockey sticks and highlights help him
it's like my hairplay, my hot bath, my blog, my grey's anatomy
it's not on today, but private practice is filling the void
still on my sofa with my son and my boy
one asleep 
i could sleep
i should
it might snow tomorrow
i don't have a brush for my car
i hope i don't need one
i wonder if seba needs a flushot
i've never had one


365 minutes with stinky: minute eighty-four

the bestest minute ever

November 15, 2011

all striped out

{i found}

love at gw today
lisa meet lovely sofa
lovely sofa meet lisa
wah! i want.
stefano's not so in love with it
i know. i was shocked too.
what's there not to love about this orange, mustard creamy heaven?
i can just see myself oozing into it
i hope it goes to a lovely home
actually no i don't
i'm jealous. 
i want it to stay at gw forever and ever so we can swing by at lunch and admire it
pretending that it only has eyes for us

365 minutes with stinky: minute eighty-two & eighty three

ok... i'm not behind in video-taping, just in posting the videos
you tube has been struggling with my uploads... getting me annoyed
i have a bazillion videos from the last few months that i haven't been able to upload yet
anyhow: here's minute 81 & 82
hockey and a cash register
clearly they go hand-in-hand

November 14, 2011

let's get cooking

as a follow-up to my what's for dinner post, i've decided to officially start a let's get cooking log every sunday -- where i will make a list of my planned meals for the week {weekends not included!}
i'm hoping this will motivate me to follow through
inspire my fellow bloggers to jump on the bandwagon 
and invite others to share their recipes via links to their blogs/websites
i know.. this is sort of hopeful thinking... i don't really have that many readers... so it'll probably just end up a series of blogs by me about what i plan to cook... which will eventually die out cause no one will care...bahahahaha
but let's try it?
it'll be fun?
or at the very least yummy?

week 1
monday: lasagna with peas, prosciutto and mushrooms {basically pasta conze but with lasagna instead of bowtie}
tuesday: chicken breast in a butter sage sauce with bread
wednesday: filet mignon with sauteed onions and mushrooms
thursday: mussels {haven't decided which sauce yet}
friday: pizza!

food for thought:
we think fast food is equivalent to pornography, nutritionally speaking. {steve elbert}

life and loves

according to an iphone and some bad lighting
i want to make these for my christmas tree {that i don't have}
 how could i possible leave him behind in stinky goodwill?
a particularly sour day deserved an extra sweet night
 my favourite pastime...lying on the sofa while stefano plays with my hair and seba sleep on my legs
seba is in love with our cheapo version of anthropologie's comforter!

 here he is showing off his scar -- thanks to grandma and grandpa! 
{hahaha... grandma is crying right now}
so happy he is in love with feeding himself... 
but i'm not going to lie, sometimes it's annoying when he spills 3/4 of his meal on himself or the floor
 yes he's a boy. yes he's a toddler. and yes, he still wear tights and onesie.
i have a soft spot in my heart for peter-pan
 what's better than tights and a onesie?
tights, a onesie and rainboots!
 this was the funniest day ever -- seba was pushing the cart at the grocery
then afterwards he sat in the car
we were ready to leave and he pulled a nasty baby tantrum!!!
i pretended to leave and go outside, but it didn't work
so i look through the glass of the grocery 
not able to hear anything
and i see stefano pulling seba out of the car kicking and screaming
dragging his feet all boogery-nosed and stinky looking
i laughed
 this calendar would make my year
 monday morning
i know a lot starbucksters will hate me for this, but i like tim horton's.
i do.
especially their cafe mocha.
there are no words for the way it makes me feel.
 just another lovely tablecloth courtesy of the italian market
 i don't know what's wrong with me, but i have a wrapping paper obsession right now
every time i see cute wrapping paper i have to buy it
another example
but this is textured wrapping paper
ouuu ahhh... i wonder who will get their gift wrapped in this puppy?!
anyone out there roast chestnuts?
it will be my first time

life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. 
{john lennon}
this is my life

November 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

you made my mommy,
my mommy made me
this makes you pretty stinkin special
and we  ❤ stinky people

November 10, 2011


goodnight daylight savings
i used to get dressed in the dark
now it's 6:40 when it's 5:40
i wake up an hour late
but it feels an hour early
seba toddled to my room
into my bed, up on my belly
it was 4:40
darkness blinds me
i wear tights with a hole
i don't notice
the lunch he prepared for me
until i'm ready to go
i smile
but it fades quickly, there's frost on my car
defrost is slow
i drive away ducking the blind spot
i wish i could find my glasses
i wish i had worn my long socks
my entire body is warm now except for that hole on my knee
stefano flips to hockey during grey's commercial breaks
it annoys me even though i know i'm only missing an advertisement
i'm anxious
{switch back} i say
hockey shmockey
i don't watch sports
i don't play them either
i can't sing
but i do it all the time
he who forgets... will be destined to remember --
remembering count chocula cereal 
mmm... with warm milk and melted marshmallows
i was weird
still am.. 
making faces in the mirror while speaking non-words
i wonder how someone so immature can be a mother
but i am --
maturely immature
it's 10:50 but used to be 11:50
will i wake up to seemingly stained-mascara-eyes?
i really wish i could find my glasses
they help me see, and disguise my bags
grey's is over
back to hockey
oh lord - they tied it up
overtime -- overplayed
on hockey for the night
oh. they won. 
{sense the excitement in my typed words}
if i close my eyes and fake asleep, will stefano peel me off the couch and carry me to bed?
nope -- didn't work
maybe we'll just sleep here
maybe i'll shut the computer and make a mad dash upstairs and into bed like a whiny tired baby blabber


ps. i forgot to buy a poppy. hate me.

November 6, 2011

what's for dinner?

we've recently {the last three weeks} started to make a grocery list every sunday -- which means planning our dinners a week in advance.
gasp! seriously difficult for me.
i'm so used to deciding what i feel like the day of and stopping at the grocery on the way home
we decided this was leading to waaaaay too much money spent on groceries and way too much time wasted in the grocery.
we are now spending weekly what i used to spend almost daily in groceries. 
we buy a lot of cheese and meats... sometimes i consider becoming vegan or at least vegetarian just to save on money.  {would i?}
last week we actually has this conversation:
me: we should become vegetarians!
stef: why?! you're #$%$&$ joking right?
me: no! because we're going to die young from all the meat we eat 
stef: if i die tomorrow i want you to write on my tomb "i died happy because i ate meat"
me: uh ok
sooooo instead of becoming vegetarians we've decided to become frugal grocery shoppers.  make use of what we have. cook what we like {never a problem}. eat. eat. eat.

eating consumes most of my day, so i should definitely love what i eat. heck i must spend at least a 1/4 of my day or more in the kitchen - every day, always.  

i love my kitchen -- a whole other story.

i think i'm straying from the topic?
ok here are some of my favourite dinners lately:
{ps. if anyone knows of or has any yummy recipes, please share! i love trying new dishes!}

 trofie in homemade pesto
 fusilli, spinach and prosciutto
 butternut squash lasagna
stuffed tomatoes -- we ate these with chicken breast in a brown-butter-sage sauce {my favourite!} 
roasted red pepper and tomato soup
arugula salad with pears, parmigiano and prosciutto 
chicken-apple salad in phyllo pastry cups {recipe from the Longo's magazine}

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