November 6, 2011

365 minutes with stinky: minute seventy-nine -- the potty

within the last few weeks seba has developed a definite interest in the potty
he enjoys sitting on it, playing with it, throwing it
he comes home from school and takes his pants off declaring:
cacca or pee pee
we decided to buy him pull ups
we'll see how it goes 
when he was a newborn i was quite interested in infant potty training, 
but after reading other mommy experiences, i decided to go with the flow  
and let seba decide when he's ready
let him want to use the potty
and here we are entering the potty phase
with him leading and us following
we're one happy cacca family
we have since removed the top of this potty and attached it to our toilet --
 we find he likes it much better

1 comment:

  1. We bought Kale a little toilet a few weeks ago too, just to see how he reacted. Most of the time he sits on it for about four seconds and then can't decide if he wants to sit on mama's toilet or Kale's toilet. Then he insists that I sit on the big toilet while he sits on the little toilet. For five seconds....


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