November 23, 2011

chicche della nonna

wednesday's dinner
it's kinda like gnocchi
but should be smaller
mine were pretty big
oversized chicche
i read the ingredients and was shocked to find that it didn't call for any potatoes or eggs
all i kept saying over and over {which must have annoyed stefano} was:
but... how can there be no potatoes?
what about eggs.. where will the moisture come from? what will hold it together?
i didn't trust this recipe
i googled every chicche recipe out there
they ALL had potatoes
they ALL had egg yolk
i was beginning to think the author made a mistake
maybe she forgot to add it in there?
maybe it's a typo?
i decided i'd follow the recipe
only because if it didn't work out i planned on emailing to complain
{i'm just like that}

i didn't have to because 
it was AMAZING.
i could go on and on and on 
but i'm so full, i just want to share the secret with my blogmates and go to bed.
here it is:

600g of ricotta cheese
80g flour
150g spinach
200g mild gorgonzola cheese 
{i substituted with parmigiano -- i have cheese issues}
50g walnuts {crushed}
a dash of milk

boil the spinach until cooked
cool and dry {i used a salad spinner}

blend or chop the spinach

preparation of the pasta
mix the spinach, ricotta and flour together in a bowl
shape into a ball, then flatten into a roll
roll it out with your hands {like you did with play-doh as a kid}
cut into small 1½ cm squares
place on a flour-covered surface

preparation of the sauce
melt the gorgonzola
add a little milk and the crushed walnuts
{instead what i did here was melt a butter in a pan, add the crushed walnuts and some thick cream}

gently pour the pasta into a pot of salted boiling water
like gnocchi, they will float to the surface when cooked
usually after about 2 minutes

remove chicche from water with a skimmer

 in a deep dish alternate layers of sauce and chicche pasta


"ho viaggiato un po' in tutto il mondo. ebbene, posso dirvi che la pasta migliore si mangia da me!"
"i've travelled a bit throughout the world. and i can tell you, the best pasta is eaten in my home!"
{valentina ticchi - re:chicche della nonna}

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  1. Valentina TicchiJune 22, 2012 at 9:00 AM

    Hello Lisa,
    I am Valentina Ticchi, very glad to hear that you liked this old recipe of my family!



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