November 2, 2011

a fuzzy, furry, fluffy, blurry, STINKY halloween

4:00pm: pick up the stinkster
4:45pm: arrive home
5:30pm: go to the supermarket to buy candy
6:00pm: arrive home, get seba dressed in costume, attempt at taking photos and make the following observations:
1) i definitely need a camera
2) halloween should always be on a weekend
3) i bought too much candy {our doorbell only rang 4 times?!??}
4) seba is a cute skunk...
7:00pm: went to a haunted house, grandmas house and then back home
7:30pm: cooked dinner
8:30pm: eat
9:30pm: attempt at blogging
9:31pm: forget blog, sleep, so tired.
48hrs later, skunksibition:
 of course he was a skunk
 of course he had a hockey stick the whole time

of course the only way to get him to remain still was by placing a bowl of crinkly wrapped candy in front of him

 of course i made the mistake of letting him try a cheesy
...the eruption of cheesiness was just too good
 of course the only photos i took were in movement, on a phone and without flash

it was a fuzzy, furry, fluffy, blurry


  1. cutest hockey playing skunk i've ever seen.

  2. AHHHH. SO cute!! Our door bell rang like 5... so I have a lot of candy left which is good. No regrets about buying too much cady ;)


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