November 14, 2011

let's get cooking

as a follow-up to my what's for dinner post, i've decided to officially start a let's get cooking log every sunday -- where i will make a list of my planned meals for the week {weekends not included!}
i'm hoping this will motivate me to follow through
inspire my fellow bloggers to jump on the bandwagon 
and invite others to share their recipes via links to their blogs/websites
i know.. this is sort of hopeful thinking... i don't really have that many readers... so it'll probably just end up a series of blogs by me about what i plan to cook... which will eventually die out cause no one will care...bahahahaha
but let's try it?
it'll be fun?
or at the very least yummy?

week 1
monday: lasagna with peas, prosciutto and mushrooms {basically pasta conze but with lasagna instead of bowtie}
tuesday: chicken breast in a butter sage sauce with bread
wednesday: filet mignon with sauteed onions and mushrooms
thursday: mussels {haven't decided which sauce yet}
friday: pizza!

food for thought:
we think fast food is equivalent to pornography, nutritionally speaking. {steve elbert}


  1. Hi,
    Just subscribed to your feed, looking forward to these weekly menus ;-} I need all the help I can get in the kitchen!!!

  2. I'm totally in! I'll link up next Sunday :)


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