November 14, 2011

life and loves

according to an iphone and some bad lighting
i want to make these for my christmas tree {that i don't have}
 how could i possible leave him behind in stinky goodwill?
a particularly sour day deserved an extra sweet night
 my favourite pastime...lying on the sofa while stefano plays with my hair and seba sleep on my legs
seba is in love with our cheapo version of anthropologie's comforter!

 here he is showing off his scar -- thanks to grandma and grandpa! 
{hahaha... grandma is crying right now}
so happy he is in love with feeding himself... 
but i'm not going to lie, sometimes it's annoying when he spills 3/4 of his meal on himself or the floor
 yes he's a boy. yes he's a toddler. and yes, he still wear tights and onesie.
i have a soft spot in my heart for peter-pan
 what's better than tights and a onesie?
tights, a onesie and rainboots!
 this was the funniest day ever -- seba was pushing the cart at the grocery
then afterwards he sat in the car
we were ready to leave and he pulled a nasty baby tantrum!!!
i pretended to leave and go outside, but it didn't work
so i look through the glass of the grocery 
not able to hear anything
and i see stefano pulling seba out of the car kicking and screaming
dragging his feet all boogery-nosed and stinky looking
i laughed
 this calendar would make my year
 monday morning
i know a lot starbucksters will hate me for this, but i like tim horton's.
i do.
especially their cafe mocha.
there are no words for the way it makes me feel.
 just another lovely tablecloth courtesy of the italian market
 i don't know what's wrong with me, but i have a wrapping paper obsession right now
every time i see cute wrapping paper i have to buy it
another example
but this is textured wrapping paper
ouuu ahhh... i wonder who will get their gift wrapped in this puppy?!
anyone out there roast chestnuts?
it will be my first time

life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. 
{john lennon}
this is my life

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