November 21, 2011

life and loves

according an iphone and some bad lighting

it's hockey night every night
this boy sleeps, eats, breathes hockey.
it's like a blanky, only not-so-soft.  the other night he slept with it.
thank goodness for daddies that bring home surprises for sick mommies
thank goodness for casual friday after a sick thursday
and a somewhat still sick friday
can't seem to shake this
pizza friday. num num.
saturday he woke up at 7am. so did i.
only difference is that one of us went back to bed at 9am.

oh. how excited i am for christmas this year.
so many decorations
too many ideas
if i don't pick one, my christmas decor will end up like my home.. a big blended mess.
why stick to a theme/colour when you can have em all... that's my motto.
 melissa & doug wooden nativity set --
ya i know you can read that in the photo...

 sunday dinner shopping for the week
he slept like this the whole time
we spent way under budget for this week's dinners
yay us!
who goes to a christmas decor show one hour before it's closing after it's been on all weekend?
we do

1 comment:

  1. I love seeing pictures of Seba and his hockey stick popping up on Instagram! Almost as much as I love seeing pictures of Seba passed out in random places...


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