November 1, 2011

some pre-pumpkin day festivities

a school trip to forsythe farm
 seba's dream fulfilled: a ride in a big, yellow school bus
 mommy's nightmare actualized: it was damn cold
note to self: never volunteer for outdoor trips again... unless it's over 15C outside
 this is missing a sentence
this way to farm n fun... but only if there's a big bright sun
 of course i had no change
oh guys.. it smelled so damn yummy in this market
fresh pies, fresh pies, fresh pies
i was practically eating the air
when i see someone taking a photo i move out of the way
...apparently not everyone follows this rule
it's kinda like people that drive slow in the left lane
they just don't get it
the hayride
it was cold and this was the only photo i snapped before seba decided he didn't care for the hayride thing and the only way to express this was by screaming and squirming away from me as i tried to defuse the madness while other parents asked: is he ok? is he ok?
uhhh... does he look ok?  
{world's worst question to ask when one's child is freaking out in public}
pumpkin party at aunty vicky and uncle phil's
vicky always knows how to bring out the motivated me that seems to hibernate 99.9% of my waking life
 everyone else was clearly overjoyed and excited to start carving...
 but i just sulked unable to tap into my creative dormant self
can you guess which pumpkin is mine?


  1. I'm going to guess the small one? Sorry it's been so long, but am catching up (finally) on everyone's blogs!

  2. Did I know that Seba went to Montessori? Maybe I forgot? I think this is just reason 93759 that Kale and Seba (and you and I!) need to hang out.

    That's really awesome that the kids went on a school trip. I'm totally with you on the "no volunteering in cold weather" thing though. And yes, below 15 is definitely COLD!

  3. @elora: welcome back! don't worry i know all about it! -- mine is the one on the far right with the ginormous teeth! lol - the little one is Sebastian's!
    @ randalin: yes - seba is a montessori child! i know -- seriously -- we need to plan a date -- one that involves yummy food of course!!


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