November 3, 2011


hearts and thoughts they fade
memories of a birth
come back via maternity stockings
it was cold this morning
ice on my window
i hate winter when i'm outdoors
i need indoors. fevered heat. blankets. warm feet.
today i counted all his little socks as i put them in the wash
they won't disappear
i caught him licking the bottom of his non-slip ones 
he looked at me and smiled
offering me a lick
to which i kindly responded: uhh, no thanks, not hungry
but he was 
i love the little crunch his teeth make as they make contact with an arrowroot biscuit
i'm a like a kid with a crush
he looks at me and i bashfully smile
hugging, squeezing, kissing, breathing in his baby scent 
worrying it will change soon
worrying i won't remember it
we jump on the bed and cuddle
giggle and wiggle
like school kids
he makes me feel like a child
someone gave me the finger on the highway this morning
she must have felt like a child too
it was funny
ouch my side hurts
ovulation cramps
you know there is an actual term for severe ovulation cramps?
feels like appendicitis
i guess.. but i've never had appendicitis so don't quote me on that
 it hurt a lot today, especially while i was grating cheese
god. i need an electric cheese grater.
not a blender, or a bullet.
a grater
it will save me time
i change into stefano's shirt for bed
this is where i want to be on a thursday night
on my sofa, next to my man
watching grey's anatomy while a little skunk runs circles in front of me
he refuses to change
i changed 
by not changing at all
it's been playing in my head all day
hopefully tomorrow as well
as i begin to cry while watching grey's
i look over and see stefano in seba's skunk hat
seba wearing one skunk slipper
this is the life
my tears dry
i'm too happy to cry.

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  1. I didn't even know there was such thing as an electric cheese grater, but I clearly need one too.

    Kale has also refused to take off his chicken costume pants. Orange, fuzzy pants that are way too small.

  2. Hahahahahha. I saw the photo of him in them and died of laughter! They're so fun.


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