November 10, 2011


goodnight daylight savings
i used to get dressed in the dark
now it's 6:40 when it's 5:40
i wake up an hour late
but it feels an hour early
seba toddled to my room
into my bed, up on my belly
it was 4:40
darkness blinds me
i wear tights with a hole
i don't notice
the lunch he prepared for me
until i'm ready to go
i smile
but it fades quickly, there's frost on my car
defrost is slow
i drive away ducking the blind spot
i wish i could find my glasses
i wish i had worn my long socks
my entire body is warm now except for that hole on my knee
stefano flips to hockey during grey's commercial breaks
it annoys me even though i know i'm only missing an advertisement
i'm anxious
{switch back} i say
hockey shmockey
i don't watch sports
i don't play them either
i can't sing
but i do it all the time
he who forgets... will be destined to remember --
remembering count chocula cereal 
mmm... with warm milk and melted marshmallows
i was weird
still am.. 
making faces in the mirror while speaking non-words
i wonder how someone so immature can be a mother
but i am --
maturely immature
it's 10:50 but used to be 11:50
will i wake up to seemingly stained-mascara-eyes?
i really wish i could find my glasses
they help me see, and disguise my bags
grey's is over
back to hockey
oh lord - they tied it up
overtime -- overplayed
on hockey for the night
oh. they won. 
{sense the excitement in my typed words}
if i close my eyes and fake asleep, will stefano peel me off the couch and carry me to bed?
nope -- didn't work
maybe we'll just sleep here
maybe i'll shut the computer and make a mad dash upstairs and into bed like a whiny tired baby blabber


ps. i forgot to buy a poppy. hate me.

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