November 17, 2011


i've been staring at a blank page on and off pretty much all day
what a day
long and short
sick, sick, sick
i don't wanna write this down, i wanna tell you how i feel right now
in my head
after a read comment about mos def
great song to be stuck on
so much to write, nothing coming out
seba bit a boy in school today!
on the leg
not in a bully-ish way {thank god}
in lovebite way
love bites and pushes
it's our fault
we romp and roll
tickle and nibble 
seba is discovering and learning
he's an absorbent sponge
hugs kids till they fall down
and nibbles on their legs
they cry
he doesn't understand
hugs them
today he came home and i said:
seba bite
{wanting to know if he understood the word}
he did
i told him "bacio" --  no "bite"
he kissed me
and said 
lesson learned
yesterday he was grumpy
and i realize hockey is his blankie
when he's having a bad day or he's irritable
hockey sticks and highlights help him
it's like my hairplay, my hot bath, my blog, my grey's anatomy
it's not on today, but private practice is filling the void
still on my sofa with my son and my boy
one asleep 
i could sleep
i should
it might snow tomorrow
i don't have a brush for my car
i hope i don't need one
i wonder if seba needs a flushot
i've never had one


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