November 6, 2011

what's for dinner?

we've recently {the last three weeks} started to make a grocery list every sunday -- which means planning our dinners a week in advance.
gasp! seriously difficult for me.
i'm so used to deciding what i feel like the day of and stopping at the grocery on the way home
we decided this was leading to waaaaay too much money spent on groceries and way too much time wasted in the grocery.
we are now spending weekly what i used to spend almost daily in groceries. 
we buy a lot of cheese and meats... sometimes i consider becoming vegan or at least vegetarian just to save on money.  {would i?}
last week we actually has this conversation:
me: we should become vegetarians!
stef: why?! you're #$%$&$ joking right?
me: no! because we're going to die young from all the meat we eat 
stef: if i die tomorrow i want you to write on my tomb "i died happy because i ate meat"
me: uh ok
sooooo instead of becoming vegetarians we've decided to become frugal grocery shoppers.  make use of what we have. cook what we like {never a problem}. eat. eat. eat.

eating consumes most of my day, so i should definitely love what i eat. heck i must spend at least a 1/4 of my day or more in the kitchen - every day, always.  

i love my kitchen -- a whole other story.

i think i'm straying from the topic?
ok here are some of my favourite dinners lately:
{ps. if anyone knows of or has any yummy recipes, please share! i love trying new dishes!}

 trofie in homemade pesto
 fusilli, spinach and prosciutto
 butternut squash lasagna
stuffed tomatoes -- we ate these with chicken breast in a brown-butter-sage sauce {my favourite!} 
roasted red pepper and tomato soup
arugula salad with pears, parmigiano and prosciutto 
chicken-apple salad in phyllo pastry cups {recipe from the Longo's magazine}


  1. Wow, those are amazing evening dinners!! I'm afraid we might be eating kraft dinner every night once I go back to work ;) How do you find the time?

  2. We have the same issue with overspending due to our cheese and meat consumption! I find that when I spend less on meat, I end up spending more on cheese.

    Where do you shop? Kris tells me I need to shop at cheaper grocery stores, but I just can't bring myself to do it!

    All looks delicious. We need to set up a lunch date soon!

  3. @Eva: very yum! i;m sure you ate a lot of it over in italy!
    @Carolyn: Some mommies throw away all their frumpy clothes after the baby to avoid falling into the jogging pants trap -- i did the same thing, but with food -- i don't buy any convenience food -- it forces me to cook! but seriously: i don't have time either -- my typical day is: work, come home, bathe seba, cook, eat, sleep.... which is why my blogging is suffering =(
    @Randalin: haha we are too similar! I shop everywhere -- non-perishable items I buy at cheap groceries like Food Basics. Vegetables and meat i buy at Longo's and fruit and cheese i buy at Costco. How bout you?
    Lunch date -- definitely... but I don't have 1/2 day Fridays, so I can never make it to Andrea's! boo =(


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