December 27, 2011

let's put on a red hat and pose in front of a tree

just for fun

christmas time

is like any other time
only a little messy-er
and a bit stressy-er

this year was no exception
as expected i got myself all tangled and bent out of shape
running around from store to store
last minute here, last minute there

and boom. everything closed.
i went home feeling good but not great
hoping i didn't forget anything, but knowing i probably did

and finally -- as expected, everything zoomed by in the blink of any eye
red and green flashes
say cheese.
and it's over
only the soft sound of carols.. the itty piece of wrapping paper stuck to my sock,
 make me aware that this day actually happened
another day, another time
just like any other
only messy-er and a bit stressy-er
is over
thank goodness.

as much as i love this time of year,  i am happy it's finally over.
the build up is far too much for one insanely over-social, over-stimulated, over-stuffed day.

we actually stayed home all day this year
comatose formations sunken into the sofa
eyes opened, eyes closed
only the television to light the room
it was fantastic
and lazy

now i can take down my damn tree that has been dropping more needles than maestro fresh wes
and wrap up this year with the rest of them

i'm thankful
i'm optimistic
i'm happy
the most valuable part of the holiday
{my time}
was well spent

happy, happy christmas to you all.

December 21, 2011

let's get cooking

my lack of keeping up with this is annoying me

but at least i'm full 
and satisfied

food is my life
cooking is my love
eating is my peace

if i re-wrote the novel eat, pray, love it would be called eat, eat, eat.

ps. i forgot to take photos of all my dinners for the last two weeks
so here's the evolution of a crepe instead:

my plan for this week:
monday: farfalle with peas and prosciutto
tuesday: chicken in a brown butter sage sauce with bread, beer and reese's pieces
wednesday: whole wheat spaghetti with sausage and tomatoes
thursday: roasted squash and apple soup
friday: homemade cappelletti in broth {because it just wouldn't be christmas without it}

food for thought:
One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.  ~Luciano Pavarotti

i am the walrus

i am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together
see how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly
i'm crying
yes, i'm using my blog to spread my love for the beatles
this song:
i used to play it and dance alone in my room

i still do

December 20, 2011

his love gets sweeter everyday. 22 months and counting.

i know i said the first year flew by but this is getting ridiculous now
two years less two months?
if last year flew
this year jumped into a time machine and blinked into the future
faster than the speed of light
22 months
of unbelievably amazing moments
hello, i'm lisa.. this is my 22 month old son seba
22 months!
if there is one thing to make you aware of time and it's passing
it's definitely a baby
seeing a little person grow before your eyes ages you
a lot
i feel myself expiring
i feel seba ripening before my eyes
becoming sweeter and sweeter
he's a kissing, hugging, squeezing, loving monster
he gallops into my arms
knocking me over with love
what an adventure we are taking
a sensory journey
passionately filled with hills and slides, bumps and climbs
so happy we're doing it together

December 12, 2011

don't cry over spilled milk

lesson of the day
a series of unfortunate events began last night

stefano left for hockey and less than 10minutes later seba declares "cacca" and vomits on my new bed sheets.

i pick seba up from school and the teacher tells me he had the most random nose bleed of all time.   i wipe his nose which is still somewhat bleeding... asking him "what happened?"
he replies: wed momma, wed!{wed = red}

driving home i look into my rear view mirror to see seba holding the top of his bottle in his hand.
uhh...  where is the full bottle he was drinking?
it's all over him, the car-seat, my car, my laptop case. 

we get home, strip him and run upstairs to give him a bath... before i turn around to get him- the diaper, filled with poop is off and on the ground {face up thank the lord}

i put him to stand up in the bathroom while grabbing the diaper and he decides it was the perfect moment to pee.

what do i do in moments like these?
breathe and be thankful that the source of all this mess is a cute little stinky whose smile hypnotizes me into forgetting all else

the boy is showered and happy
ready for dinner 
{who the hell knows what i'm cooking cause i haven't even made my plan for the week}
now i can do the 101 million things i have on my list that never get done, cook dinner, eat, make a new list and fall asleep anxiously awaiting tomorrow - a new day - in which everything will go as planned.

how was your day? 

365 minutes with stinky: minute eighty-six

pumpkin... bunny.. it's all the same right?

December 9, 2011

365 minutes with stinky: minute eighty-five

still trying to upload the billion videos i have saved on my phone
about 6GB of video
and of course - hockey.

hockey update

two blades and a stick
bring on the ice!

friday. some photos.

we had some snow this morning
but it melted by this afternoon

too bad our little mister couldn't enjoy it -- he had a crazy fever all night and remained like this most of today

love this little shirt. 
these socks always make us smile -- even when we're sick

flashback friday

mom - me - brother

December 7, 2011

12 dates of christmas

cute, fabulous, idea whether you have kiddos or not
how often do you go on dates with your significant other?
stefano and i rarely go out senza seba.
and it depends what you call a date
we spend a lot of time together
doing things for the house, for each other, going out, groceries, etc.
we don't really have romantic candlelit dinners or anything
and we do call each other mommy and daddy {oh no! how dreadful!}

anywho... i think this 12 dates of christmas is a wonderful idea
i'd like to say i'll try it, but i won't
i can do 12 meals of christmas
12 deals of christmas
but 12 dates.. i just know i won't have time
not time to spend with stefano.. but time to actually plan and organize a date
we're spontaneous daters
we date because we're hungry and want sushi
we date because a good movie just came out in the cinema
and we have a million scene points
i think everyday should be a date
dinner at a table together
filled bellies {and filled wallets}
i just realized i one hundred percent associate the word date with food
not sure if this is normal?

so check out 12 dates of christmas... and make your own dates
inside, outside, upside down
a date is what you make it
and taza and husband set a great example here

ps. who's your daddy?

December 6, 2011


a couple weeks ago we took the cousins to zia ana's kiddie christmas party
princess aly
seba & tristan playing catch
seba look at the camera: take one
seba look a the camera: take two
seba look at the camera: take three 
this one says it all: aly most likely arguing with tristan about creating distance between she and seba.     
seba happily lost holding a ball
yes, i was the annoying mother taking a photo while the photographer was taking one... 
making my child look at me instead of where he should be looking
i took the hint and stopped immediately
we ended up getting a pretty cute one with all of the kiddos looking at the camera
which i don't have right now because it's saved in my work email...

December 5, 2011

life and loves: thrifted!

and according an iphone and some bad lighting
tree ornaments

vintage nursery lamps -- they haunt me.. i keep randomly finding them -- i'd like to fill a room with them the way people do with clocks -- i just need another 20 or so. hah!
frames and fillings


and young boys in paris

in other news, i got a camera!
i did think about re-shooting all of the above photos, but decided against it.
i'm lazy.

sleeping in, rising early, a tree and a weekend of colour

our christmas decoration plan
was basically that we didn't have a plan
we've decided to go with the 
santa vomited all over our house look
a mis-matched, this - that, mural of colour
the tree before 
and after
my attempt at a DIY tinsel wreath
 daddy and mommy's stockings -- still on the hunt for seba's
slowly adding to our chalkboard painted powder room
 i love this christmas card
the boys slept in saturday.. i love it when they sleep in, it means i can do things i struggle to do regularly: read blogs, organize my work clothes, wash and blow-dry my hair, etc. etc. etc.
the little mister slept extra late... waking at around 10am
well rested and ready to go
thank you detangler
bath time
why are all the cutesy bakeries so far away from home?

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