December 7, 2011

12 dates of christmas

cute, fabulous, idea whether you have kiddos or not
how often do you go on dates with your significant other?
stefano and i rarely go out senza seba.
and it depends what you call a date
we spend a lot of time together
doing things for the house, for each other, going out, groceries, etc.
we don't really have romantic candlelit dinners or anything
and we do call each other mommy and daddy {oh no! how dreadful!}

anywho... i think this 12 dates of christmas is a wonderful idea
i'd like to say i'll try it, but i won't
i can do 12 meals of christmas
12 deals of christmas
but 12 dates.. i just know i won't have time
not time to spend with stefano.. but time to actually plan and organize a date
we're spontaneous daters
we date because we're hungry and want sushi
we date because a good movie just came out in the cinema
and we have a million scene points
i think everyday should be a date
dinner at a table together
filled bellies {and filled wallets}
i just realized i one hundred percent associate the word date with food
not sure if this is normal?

so check out 12 dates of christmas... and make your own dates
inside, outside, upside down
a date is what you make it
and taza and husband set a great example here

ps. who's your daddy?

1 comment:

  1. ...this is all i have to say, or not??? No, i would add "what's for dinner?" [and don't tell me to read the weekly dinner post]


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