December 12, 2011

don't cry over spilled milk

lesson of the day
a series of unfortunate events began last night

stefano left for hockey and less than 10minutes later seba declares "cacca" and vomits on my new bed sheets.

i pick seba up from school and the teacher tells me he had the most random nose bleed of all time.   i wipe his nose which is still somewhat bleeding... asking him "what happened?"
he replies: wed momma, wed!{wed = red}

driving home i look into my rear view mirror to see seba holding the top of his bottle in his hand.
uhh...  where is the full bottle he was drinking?
it's all over him, the car-seat, my car, my laptop case. 

we get home, strip him and run upstairs to give him a bath... before i turn around to get him- the diaper, filled with poop is off and on the ground {face up thank the lord}

i put him to stand up in the bathroom while grabbing the diaper and he decides it was the perfect moment to pee.

what do i do in moments like these?
breathe and be thankful that the source of all this mess is a cute little stinky whose smile hypnotizes me into forgetting all else

the boy is showered and happy
ready for dinner 
{who the hell knows what i'm cooking cause i haven't even made my plan for the week}
now i can do the 101 million things i have on my list that never get done, cook dinner, eat, make a new list and fall asleep anxiously awaiting tomorrow - a new day - in which everything will go as planned.

how was your day? 


  1. Ha, I feel like iVe been having way too many days like this!

  2. Tell me about it. I can't wait for a few days off during the holidays!!! I think I need at least 24hrs of full, uninterrupted sleep!!!!


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