December 5, 2011

let's get cooking

i know. i missed two weeks. but don't worry, we didn't starve. 
i cooked
took some photos when i remembered to
but i was feeling under the weather and had no energy to blog  

this is some of what we ate:

homemade spinach and ricotta gnocchi - our new obsession

roasted red pepper and tomato soup with dumplings just for fun

i looked up a recipe for czech style dumplings.. the taste was the same as i remember, but clearly i got lazy in the presentation -- now i just need to make some goulash!

butter chicken - an all time favourite of mine
{this photo is all orangey and weird}

today i made a quick cheese ravioli in a butter, sage, walnut sauce
i've decided i'm just going to add crushed walnuts to everything
{the ravioli is from costco}

 filet mignon with sauteed onions and mushrooms
{i'm hungry}

you know i'm sick when we're eating breakfast for lunch or dinner

roasted chicken with rosemary, sage and garlic

my plan for this week?
monday: saltimbocca {veal with prosciutto in a butter sage sauce}
tuesday: carbonara
wednesday: pizza
thursday: some sort of soup -- not sure what kind yet
friday: anyone want to bring me dinner? sushi perhaps? mmm.. spicy salmon rolls. num!

food for thought:
the belly rules the mind:
new study shows women think about food more than sex - chew on that.

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