December 5, 2011

sleeping in, rising early, a tree and a weekend of colour

our christmas decoration plan
was basically that we didn't have a plan
we've decided to go with the 
santa vomited all over our house look
a mis-matched, this - that, mural of colour
the tree before 
and after
my attempt at a DIY tinsel wreath
 daddy and mommy's stockings -- still on the hunt for seba's
slowly adding to our chalkboard painted powder room
 i love this christmas card
the boys slept in saturday.. i love it when they sleep in, it means i can do things i struggle to do regularly: read blogs, organize my work clothes, wash and blow-dry my hair, etc. etc. etc.
the little mister slept extra late... waking at around 10am
well rested and ready to go
thank you detangler
bath time
why are all the cutesy bakeries so far away from home?

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