January 22, 2012

into the puzzling mind of a mother: a date with my thoughts... as scary as they are.

writing on a whim here 

one month till he's two
my thoughts:

he's becoming slightly crazy
ah! i said it!
my child is driving me nuts
not always, but i'm acutely aware of my patience teetering
tottering over the edge
i remain calm
i try to rationalize with him
i try to positively encourage him to make the right choices
i beg him
and i eventually resort to bribing

oh! the bribes i hear from parents
i used to laugh
not anymore
now i just look in awe
yikes at the eyes of the child
the one who takes grown-ups and mushes them down to size
almost always in public
how embarrassing i think
how sorry i feel for them
**for me**

c'mon honey, if you put your hat on daddy will give you a cookie when we get to the car
sweetie, don't you want to go to the park?  ok, then you have to put the toy down and leave
if you don't eat that carrot, you're not having any juice

oh. my. lord.
kids rule, we drool
we play the game
but they've already won

seba is going to be a terrible two
i can feel it 
it's coming
and to make things worse we'll be on a flight to and from italy
all hell is going to break loose
and there's nothing i can do to stop it

i've already started a list of occupy-seba toys, books, things, etc.
if all else fails i will have to give him a shot of rum
just kidding

the only thing consoling me right now is that we're all in the same boat,
us parents
lost souls being dragged around by these little monsters
my method?
is that i don't have a method
trial and error
i learn what works and what doesn't
i give a little and expect a little
i don't back down in the face of my little terror
i stand-up to him
talk to him
rationalize with him
beg him 
and bribe him
and if all else fails
i let him get angry, cry, get over it and forget it
which usually happens within 5 minutes 
...but feels like 5 hours

reminds me of my prenatal class when the teacher put on a tape of a baby crying
she said the number one thing that all parents do is to is to overestimate the amount of time their child has been crying -- of course we all thought the tape had been on for at least 10 minutes, but in reality it had only been on for 4.

oh sweet patience.. stick with me, i'm gonna need you.

ps. no matter what, let's make sure we laugh at this stage.. because it really is quite funny -- 
and it will pass... 
and be nothing but a memory --
one i'm sure i will pray to return to once the teenage years hit like a ton of bricks.

because yes.
 kids too, become adults 


pps. i should have known it was coming : remember this?


  1. that prenatal class trick... ahaha

  2. The cookie bribe is a favourite trick of me. Except I don't think Kale understands the process of "you do this, you get this." Instead it's more of a "eat this so I can shove you in your snowsuit" trick.

    And I said I would never bribe my kid.

    Or give him cookies.

    1. EXACTLY -- "eat this so i can shove you in this" SO TRUE. hahahaha

  3. Oh my!! Yikes, the terrible twos are almost upon you!!

  4. haha, we are the same!! bribes work like magic some days and really? after trying to reason with a tornado, there is nothing else that works. As you say, though, it will pass and all you can ask for is tons and tons of patience!! xxo

    1. thank god we're not alone! kids rule we drool .. seriously... we have no power!


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