January 17, 2012

kale and ricotta gnocchi.

this meal was not planned
i came home
tired and annoyed
i'm usually annoyed when i don't have my meal planned out ...
usually because i'm a food addict and i'm constantly hungry.
i hate when i have waiting to eat

i snack a lot while cooking.

so i came home
opened the fridge:
oh yay:
we have ricotta, butter, kale and juice
i did not expect this to taste as yummy as it did

what a treat!

... and so easy to make guys
i'm almost embarrassed at the degree of difficulty {or lack there of}

i have this thing:
if a meal isn't time consuming to make, then it's not a meal
i always declare:
"it's just something simple"
i'm slightly neurotic when it comes to food
or a little more than slightly
mix the ricotta {i just had one medium container, not sure how much was in it?} 
with the kale and add flour {just enough to make it form a solid ball.

after you've formed the ball, take medium pieces of it and roll it between your hands or on a counter
it ends up a long pole-like thingy
then just cut rectangles and use a fork to press down on each one
as you can see it doesn't have to be pretty
i definitely don't put effort into art/prettiness of food
i make it to eat it
not look at it
*this is teeny tiny excuse because i lack the artistic ability to make pretty meals
anyhow, for the sauce:
i melted some butter in a pan
added walnuts
browned them for about 5 minutes on medium heat
then added mushrooms and turned down the heat
after 15 minutes, i added the cream 
add salt and pepper to your liking
ps. looking at the photo below, i swear i see pancetta or prosciutto... i probably had a piece in the fridge and threw it in as well.
if you like pork -- you can't go wrong in adding either of the two
if you do add either, don't add salt, you won't need it

 anything that involves walnuts is way up on my yum list right now

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