January 16, 2012

life and loves: christmas

in regular fashion, i am doing a christmas post two-weeks late.
but it's only because i've been so busy playing with all these awesome gifts.
Here are some of Seba's favourites:
spinning top - choo choo. 
it actually makes the sound of a choo-choo train while it spins
like, a really realistic sound
i'd like to say i bought it for the sound, cause i knew seba would just love it --
but i had NO IDEA. 
seba is in love with this toy
obsessively in love with it
what's better than a hockey stick and puck?
ok -- it's not better.. but this hockey shapes book is pretty damn close
super-cute circus elephant and wooden theatre
the elephant is a wind-up toy and when it moves the ball spins
seba chases it around the house
the theatre characters are manipulated by little wooden sticks behind them...
so far seba thinks they make good hockey pucks.. but i'm sure he'll get it soon enough!
out of the entire doctor's kit, seba's favourite item is this band-aid
he puts it on everyday to play hockey
when it falls off (about 100 times per minute)
he loses his mind and screams like the world has ended
oh yes. fun.
he loves beyond loves this.
i don't know if he' really surprised every time  it pops up,
but if not -- it's also teaching him acting skills
z is for zamboni
do i really need to explain this one?
but those socks... yes, they need explanation
they are THE best socks ever
cute, warm, long
if they had 'em in my size, i'd have at least a dozen pairs
my sweet love
this child has too much cute in him.
between all the hugs, kisses, and thank yous
all the smiles and laughs
he just blows me away everyday
blows my damn mind
seba you are mommy's favourite gift of all time.
my absolute favourite


  1. OMG that last picture is sooooo cute...

  2. He is such a cutie! I think that last photo is my fave of him. He looks like such a big boy!


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