January 8, 2012

life and loves: pre-Christmas

seba's boo-boo routine.  it doesn't matter whether he's hurt or not.  if he hits any part of his body, he demands that we kiss it better or else...
 this 60s children's book is hilarious.  i will have to do a follow-up post with the story.

all christmas gifts should be edible. who's with me on this one?

someone's been doing a lot off this lately. so excited, but let's not jinx it!
\colour love. never judge a book by it's cover, but a magazine? you must.
i am proud to say i stayed awake through at least 4 movies over the holidays
(even if i wish i had fallen asleep through some of them):
the romantics
last night
the next three days
the edge of darkness

yes: i did wear this out of my house. and yes, i am 32-years-old.
no he didn't wear this out of the house. but yes, he is also 32-years-old.
and here he is: the only grown-up in the family.

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