February 8, 2012

daddy's blog post: The story of the mean mommy and the two good boys.

our lunch situation is usually a little something like this: i make dinner, stefano gets the yummy leftovers and i'm left to fend for myself.
so last thursday i made shutterbean's sausage, spinach and kidney bean soup for dinner.  the next morning i opened the fridge expecting to see two bowls of soup separated {for each of our lunches} however there was only one tupperware bowl -- i hesitated: should i separate it and leave some for him?  i looked at the time - shit i'm late. i grabbed the whole container and left thinking "well, it's his fault he should have separated the damn soup and then he'd have some for lunch".  
but i did feel guilty for leaving the boy "starved and lunchless" at home {i should mention that starved and lunchless means no leftovers, no already prepared meals -- not actually without food}.
soooooo... around 2:30pm i get this email from stefano:

So, once upon a time....
there was a mean mommy who had stolen the soup form the fridge!

Daddy and Seba went down and found the "deserted" appliance, so they were not sure about how to survive.
Daddy said "let's get junk" and Seba replied "no, you cook bitch"... and his was a better idea.

So daddy found a leftover big piece of dough and here it comes the idea... what are going to cook when you don't have anything to cook? Well, you'd better find something!

So they started rolling the doe singing "the weels on the bus" and here it is the result:

... at least the fridge wasn't so bad and the basic ingredients are always there. 
so let's just get some margarine and some sage from our plant....

...wait for the gnocchi to be ready and mix them...

...i had a bad feeling, but the rule "if you mix stuff you like you should like the result" is never wrong, and apparently i am not the only thinking so: 

...or better:

ps: we clearly left some for mommy... also if Seba didn't want to...

{note from the bad mommy: this is actually what they left for me... 9 gnocchi -- who does that?!}

pps: after a good lunch, ready for the nap, clearly in the most comfortable position for daddy...

ppps: if the others who ate or soup are also reading this (granpa, patriciaaaa), you should feel guilty TOO!

 for Mommy: you can steal everything from this post, and you can also delete the parts where i said "mean", we'll love you anyways! Seba added "only because daddy is a hero".

the end.

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  1. Haha - love this. We have the same deal around here where Kris gets the leftovers and I'm normally stuck with nothing. Funny how that happens...


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