February 15, 2012

let's get cooking.

a little late with this post, but we've been so busy lately. did mention that we are heading to italy tomorrow?!  for a short {but sweet} visit.  we'll also be celebrating seba's birthday over there.  
lots to do little time do it. i  haven't even packed yet.  i had so many photos and posts planned for this week. i should learn to stop setting such high expectations for myself, that way i don't feel like a loser when i fail to meet them.  imagine how awesome i'd be if i had no expectations?
anywho, i do kinda feel bad about this week's failures.  actually you know what makes me feel worse?  my 365 minutes with stinky project:  i have a zillion videos on my phone that were taking forever to upload and so i kept recording videos, but failing to upload them.  i actually have no more space on my phone and so now i'm forced to transfer all the videos, upload them and bombard you with probably what will add up to a hundred minutes of stinky. simultaneously. ha.
totally straying off topic here.

so like i was saying, being busy never stopped anyone from eating.
this is what we ate last week:

i should say: monday we ate out... something.. i honestly can't even remember what we ate.  stefano had volleyball and i went to my parents' house with seba.  friday: seba and i had soup, but stefano made this baked fish dish... i have a photo somewhere.. but i think i'm just going to do a post with recipe for that one.  it's pretty yummy.

my plan for this week?
monday: i made butternut squash gnocchi. so damn good guys.  i'll do a recipe post for that one... you're definitely going to want to try it.
tuesday: we celebrated love day at omi sushi, downtown toronto. so good.
wednesday: no idea what i'll make tonight. i still have to pack!
thursday: plane food. yummo.
friday: ITALY! oh god guys.. i have a most wanted list of food i must eat on this trip!

food for thought:
Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables.  They probably get jet-lagged, just like people.  ~Elizabeth Berry

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  1. My mouth is watering!!

    Have a great time in Italy! Enjoy the food :)


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