February 6, 2012

montessori monday.

and so in challenging seba, i challenge myself.

i heard about this montessori monday link-up from randalin over at harvesting kale.  her blog is by far one of the most inspiring and motivational ones i read.  i always feel challenged after reading one of her posts.  always feel so inspired to try some of the fun lessons she creates for her son kale.  she's awesome.

so for the past few weeks she's been linking-up to Montessori Monday.  it's basically all these montessori moms/dads who post links to a montessori activity they've tried with their child during the week. 
try, test, learn, repeat. voila. every monday.
let's do it?
i'm going to try an activity this week and post it.  it seems you don't necessarily have to post it on monday, just as long as you link-up!

while we're on the topic of montessori,  here is a list that i received at the info session at seba's school.  i think these are awesome ideas.  everyday activities that can be incorporated into even the busiest little lives:

Practical Life
* choose between two options of clothing and allow toddler to dress with minimal assistance
* try not to always be in a rush -- allow your child the time to put on/take off his own shoes and coat
* have a low coat hook so toddler can hang up his coat 
* cooking - wash vegetable and fruits
* cooking - pour ingredients into a bowl with assistance
* wipe up spills with a small sponge
* water plants with pre-measured amount of water
* dig holes and plant seeds
* help with making the bed

* child can pair socks from laundry - talk about colours
* taste new foods
* .listen to music, nursery rhymes, books on tape
* while cooking, smell different spices
* discuss textures while washing vegetables and fruits
* tidy toy area
* go for a walk in the rain, snow, sun, and ask what child sees
* finger pain with different materials { pudding, applesauce, shaving cream, etc.}

* listen to stories about family celebrations
* listen to cultural music
* use different containers to play in the bath
* go on nature walks to find leaves, flowers, trees, birds, animals, etc.
* visit a pet store or zoo to learn names of different animals, etc.
* visit the library, post office, grocery store, community centre, etc. in the local community
* play outside daily

* listen to oral stories
* listen to read stories and/or poetry daily
* sing songs
* play eye spy games with objects
* invite child into dinner conversation asking about his/her day
* watching parents read
* look at family photographs and say names
* draw pictures for thank-you notes, birthday cards, etc.
* listen and engage in daily conversation with your child

* count paired socks with assistance
* count stop signs while driving
* play with blocks
* matching - match stickers on a page
* talk about times of the day - when things occur {i wake up in the morning, i go to bed at night, etc.}

if you're interested, you guys should definitely check it out and link-up!  don't have a blog?  
this is a great excuse to start one!

Montessori Monday

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  1. *blushes* wow Lisa - thank you so much for the kind words. Seriously, it means so much (especially coming from YOU!).

    I'm so glad that you decided to link up and I absolutely love this list. I love that how Montessori looks at every moment as an opportunity to learn and engage. As much as I love all the activities we do, I think Kale has learned the most from just working alongside me doing normal, everyday stuff.

    We need to plan to get these boys (and us) together soon!!


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