March 13, 2012

hello stranger.

it's me lisa.

it's been a while.  almost a month actually.  we went to italy and came back. celebrated two birthdays. and have still not finished fully unpacking.  lately i've been feeling like i'm constantly recuperating from something. anything. and nothing in particular.  i'm just up and down. energized and tired. happy and sad. all over mad. mixed up and spun around dizzy.

i guess that's why i haven't blogged in a month.  i honestly just didn't feel like it.  i had nothing to share. nothing to write. just nothing.
but i'm back.. not better than ever or anything -- just back because i missed you.

i have so much to tell you.

you'll be hearing from me.


ps. if we don't go crazy every once in a while how would we ever know we're normal? NORMAL? ha.

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