April 12, 2012


mommy, whe awe you mommy?! it's seba!
seba is TWO. i am so proud of the little man he's becoming.  but more than proud, i am so in love with the person that he is.  he makes my head spin (literally) ... and my heart skip beats.  he's my coolest friend. teaching me new things everyday .  making me laugh and smile. challenging me and bringing tears to my eyes.  i don't want to let him down. ever. big goal, huh?  huge goal.

and just because i don't want to forget, a list of seba-isms and other reflections of my boy:

* he loves to say "i do it" to any and everything.  whether he can do it or not -- he says " i do it" and we let him. always.
* he's obsessed with stools and brushing his teeth/washing his hands.  the killer combination --  a stool, a sink and a toothbrush -- this can keep him occupied for hours.  last night he woke up at 4am wanting to brush his teeth. who am i to stop him?
* hockey.  no further details required.
* he's fixated with planes, trains and automobiles. i always thought boys were only into these things because their parents encouraged it.. combined with the fact that almost all boy clothes have one of these three objects on them... but nope... it must be innate.  i have scientific proof. i have done nothing to introduce or encourage it and it still happened.  
* he loves letter sounds and numbers -- he's constantly pointing at letters and saying their sound... almost obsessively... so we hear: "aaaaaah," "caaaaaaa," "sssssssss," "eeeeeeeeh," "mmmmmm," (you get the point) all day long.  i take it as a sign that he's learning at school... even if he's running in circles all day long.
* he's stuck in a mommy phase right now.  i honestly have to run and hide to have a moment alone.  i love it and am frustrated by it all at once.  i mostly love it though... especially when he says "mommy, mommy, whe awe you mommy?"
* he sings! his current favourite is Frère Jacques -- we hear "DING DANG DONG" a million times a day.
* he hugs. oh how he hugs.  big, tight, all-encompassing hugs that fill your body with love.  he must hug and kiss us about 100 times a day. ps. "us" includes teacher and classmates.
* my favourite sentence so far is "i wuv you mommy" (of course) 

it's so damn strange how they go from saying a few words here and there to blurting out sentences.  they become these little people and they make sure we know it!  every time i think i can't imagine him growing and getting older he blasts me full force and knocks me over with a dose of reality. he will grow. he will change. he will eventually think my hugs and kisses are gross. oh god -- i'm crying.  it's a sign that i should end this here.  thanks for sharing in my very, very, very late birthday post.



  1. I thought I was your coolest friend!

  2. I love him so much!! That cake is all kinds of amazing. As is the toddler belly. And the hair! Oh, the hair!!!

    Kale and Seba have a lot of the same obsessions going on (minus the hockey and replace letter sounds with numbers). We seriously need to get these two together - preferably with some stools and a sink so we can hang out too!

    1. his hair is out of control isn't it? haha. we consider cutting daily, but we just can't.. even seba says no when we ask him!

      Clearly our sons are meant to be best friends and the only thing stopping them is distance... and us! I'm so with you on the stools and sink so we can hang out!


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