April 3, 2012

life and loves: insta-love.

pssst! are you on instagram?  i've been on it for a while now, but only recently started getting into it.  like all things webbed and sticky it's time consuming and addictive. i'm completely addicted.  you can tell a lot about people from the photos they take: who they love, what they do, what interests they have.
here are some (read: too many) of my favourite insta-moments: as you can see i love seba and i like to eat. that's pretty much me in a insta-nutshell. very deep, i know.
ps. let's be insta-friends/stalkers!  my username is lovealcubo !


  1. wish i had a smart phone, instagram makes everything look so cool

  2. Since I also love Seba and food, you're practically my best insta-friend :)


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