April 25, 2012

life and loves: a trip to the big apple

last month stefano and I took a solo trip to the big apple.  no strollers, no diapers, no seba.  just the two of us.  and it was fantastic.  we love seba, but it's said that a trip alone is mandatory in a relationship... and now i know why.
 i can't tell you how awesome it felt to walk the streets, weaving in and out of people without a four-wheel contraption in front of us. how great it felt to stay up late, eat when we felt like it ... and get a seat for two at a crowded restaurant. we took on the world - just stef and i.  it reminded me of how much fun we have together... how ridiculously suited we are for one another. just so great.
before we left stefano made a list of all the places/things he wanted to see.  our main goal was that we wanted to bite into the apple in true new york fashion -- on foot and in a hurry.  we stayed two days and rushed through the maze of a city like we were competitors on the amazing race. we didn't take that many photos... for me new york is something you have to see in person to experience. photos don't do it much justice.. you can't hear the taxi horns, you can't feel the millions of commuters brushing by, you can't smell the food truck vendors.  we decided to do our personal tour taking photos of just our feet, a street sign and a reminder of each spot.  we plan to eventually make a map of places we've visited using these photos. a sort of we were here collage.
as usual when you are in two.. the only photos you get of yourselves are awkward close-ups thanks to someone over-extending their arm or mirror shots. boom.
this photo was taken purely for my absolute love of these tiles. magnolia bakery has something more than cupcakes -- it has tiles... and i want them. can you imagine having tiles like this in your home? in love.
sold! a little something for baby boy.  
and then it rained.  of course. because what would our trip be without rain, ridiculous plastic-poncho rain jackets and a double-decker bus without a sheltered top?  i'm not going to lie -- it was fun and funny. this photo says it all.  needless to say we were super tourists!
a stop at central station. let's stand on the platform and pretend we're waiting for a train. ok. done. let's go.
9/11 tribute. beyond emotional. heart-wrenching. still.  baby prints tugged at my heart and demanded my tears. still so unbelievable.
we didn't visit museums.. or anything that required going indoors for longer than 5 minutes. we didn't shop. just walked and walked and walked. we're already planning a return visit for all of this. but for now we're satisfied with our little bite out of the apple -- hopefully it will keep us full until next time.

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  1. Ohhhhhhh - this looks amazing! I've always wanted to do NYC in exactly this way.


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