May 3, 2012

lake simcoe on an unusually warm day in march.. and i forgot to post these photos

mid-march heat
it felt like a sneak-peak of summer
a short preview of what was to come
a beach, a baby and two boys
 my belly was still in the awkward i'm pregnant but just look like i had one too many beers phase and so i have way too many photos of my feet
 this boy must always have a puck, ball, stick, baseball bat in his hands at all time. if he doesn't become an amazing something at something, i will be shocked.
 dipping their toes in the freezing water and shouting "code, daddy, code" (you probably figured it out, but just in case: code = cold)
 throwing stones through open legs. i can see the fun in that. kinda.
it was around this moment i went to sit at the picnic table and eat left over mac and cheese with ketchup.  it was a weird craving phase. i hadn't had mac and cheese in forever. i'm talking over 10 years at least.  thankfully the phase ended and only three boxes were sacrificed. 
 the best sunset. it was still warm going into the evening.  an amazing day through and through.
but don't just take my word for it. ask him!


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