May 16, 2012

life and loves: a trip to new england

about five weeks ago -- a visit to vermont, massachusetts, conneticut, and rhode island.  so much beauty it was insane.  the little streets of manchester, vt. and new port, ri. were something out of a dream.  vintage shops, little boutiques, cafes and cobblestone: love. seba's favourite part, aside from eating, was stopping at cape cod to throw rocks in the water and scream at the seagulls.  it was a great time. i love road-trips.
bagel obsession
 the cutest little one-woman-run cafe
with the best turkey, guacamole, cranberry sandwich of all time
seba doing a dance outside of our cute little motel room in manchester

preferred means of transportation

love these stairs
boston had the cutest little apartments and houses, every street the same yet different
stefano forced encouraged me to do the 3 hour freedom trail walk with him

we ate at the oyster house. best clam chowder of my life
and finally - the highlight of the trip: we threw rocks in the ocean and screamed at the seagulls

 sunset in newport and home the next day. definitely worth the trip. and even a return one
the end.


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  1. I loved following you on this trip via instagram! It looks incredible and it's an area of the US I'd like to explore. If only Kale could be entertained in the car for more than 30 minutes...


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