June 12, 2012

currently.. way off track with my days and i wanted this to be a thursday post

but clearly following through with my plans is not my forte. it's monday night, but by the time i actually post this it will probably be tuesday. i'm not going to have photos again because i've just recently been informed by blogger that i've reached my photo upload quota. question: how can someone who hardly ever blogs reach the limit?  on the other hand at least i've reached something. i'm accomplished.  oh you know, i have to upgrade because i'm such a great photo-uploader. lisa, the photo-upload over-achiever. 

speaking of over-achieving, two weeks in a row -- here we go! 

reading: i feel like lying. claiming that i am reading some interesting novel that i can't bare to tear myself away from, and if people i actually know didn't read this blog, it would probably fly.. but since that isn't the case,  i'm pretty sure someone would rat me out in the comments. and so here i am telling you that i'm currently reading NOTHING.  i love to read.  before seba joined us i was an avid reader.  obsessive.  when i'd go on vacation at least 1/2 my suitcase would be books. i miss reading, but i honestly can't find the time to keep up with it.  so my reading life has been narrowed down to a once-a-month copy of House & Home that I read in the bath while inhaling a chocolate bar.  reese's peanut butter cups going strong two weeks in a row!

loving: my deep and profound conversations with Seba the two-year-old toddler. today's main conversation was something like this:
seba: mommy seba cacca potty.
me: seba, do you have to go potty?
seba: i do it. seba cacca potty. (he goes to the bathroom, i continue preparing dinner)
seba: mommy. mommy. come. come. seba cacca. potty.
me: are you done yet? call mommy when you're all done. ok?
seba: mommy come. come. come. potty. 
me: (standing at bathroom door) yes seba?
seba: mommy. seba cacca. moo cacca. cacca moo. and aly eat bread. (aly is his cousin)
me: what? (yes i know i should say pardon me, blah. blah. blah. i forget)
seba: cacca moo. moo is cow. cow cacca. moo cacca. sit mommy. sit down. seba big cacca. cacca moo. (not sure where he got this amazing ability to make comparisons. but i'm sure if he ever sees a cow's crap, he'll realize the inaccuracy of his observation).

eating: {ok, so i'm not at the limit limit... i'm at 86% - it was just a warning. i could delete the whole "i am an over-achiever comment up there.. but why?}

 fruit smoothies with sparkling water
homemade juice! -- proving a little difficult... mainly because it requires effort. but so worth it.

looking forward to:  i'm not really looking forward to anything right now. i'm happy where i am. looking forward to every moment of everyday. appreciating the now.  i had a few busy weeks helping my dearest friend with her wedding -- which was absolutely the best wedding of all time.  so for now i'm just enjoying my down time. 

congratulations, you made it to the end! click here now to claim your prize:
Harvesting Kale

i feel like i should re-read this for spelling and grammatical errors. but i'm craving chocolate. i'm dehydrated. and i'm tired.


  1. I'm so glad you linked up. I love reading these posts of yours. Seba's conversation had me laughing out loud. What a kid.

    I probably shouldn't have read this a half hour before lunch though. I'm starving and want to eat every single thing you photographed.

  2. I'm now craving Reese's Peanut Butter Cups thanks to you and I literally snorted out loud over your "me: what? (yes i know i should say pardon me, blah. blah. blah. i forget)" line... it's like you're in my brain. Every time I say "what" to Saige I mentally kick myself. xo


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