July 10, 2012

currently: having difficulty coming up with a title for this week's currently. oh, and i'm hungry.

he must be doing somersaults in there right now. maybe even cartwheels. moving non-stop for the last hour. and i didn't even eat chocolate today.  actually i've made a conscious effort to not eat as much chocolate as i have been.  it was getting out of hand. and so i've stopped buying chocolate bars and turned my craving into something better: pancakes and donuts. devouring doesn't even begin to describe the action i take with these yummies.  i can't even think of a verb strong enough to convey the intensity of my yearning for sweets right now. just talking about it is upsetting me. making me hungry. i should be sleeping. i was tired all day. but instead i'm a sugar vampire blogging and salivating at my own words. i would say i'm thankful for my self-restraint, but let's not kid ourselves. as soon as i finish typing this post i am going to race down to the kitchen and scavenge my pantry for any forgotten junk food that didn't get dumped in my attempt to cleanse last week.  so i'll just say i'm thankful for everything else. because i am.  i can't just pick one thing. i can't rank my thankfuls in a hierarchy or pyramid.. i'd end up forgetting something that should most likely be at the top of the list. i'd end up blabbing on and on like an annoying oscar speech that gets cut off by music and commercial breaks. so let's avoid it and leave it at thank you, you know just who and what you are. i'd say i'm probably inspired by the people and things that i am thankful for, but then it would seem like i'm trying to rush through this post so i can pass out because i'm never up this late and i'm tired as hell.  so instead i'll say that i'm inspired by all the new people i've come across on instagram. stefano thinks i'm addicted. maybe i am. maybe  you can take away the maybe.  i can't believe how many awesome things you see, find, and learn through this social network.  i probably sound weird and cultish right now. addicted and obsessed, yah?  so many inspiring people and ideas.  i find myself almost overwhelmed by it all.  it's an awesome show on our very own  personal discovery channel.  it sparks ideas and inspires me in ways i never would've imagined. there are some pretty amazing photos on there. some pretty amazing people. uber inspirational.  but time consuming.  i try not to let it take up all my time these days.. especially because i have so much to do before number two. i'm starting to nest. cleaning like daddy warbuck's maids. i just came up from the basement where i have boxes and boxes of seba's baby clothes. baby clothes - as if he's no longer my baby.  his lifetime's clothes set out before me in four piles 0-6, 6-12, 12-18, 18-24. imagining a new little body to fill them. the rompers and sun hats. little socks. and cloth diapers. so many favourites coming to life again. stuffed. crowded. crushed. piled high. so overwhelming. so emotional.
and that's it. this is the way my current is flowing lately. i think i forgot to say what i'm watching, but i'm not watching much of anything lately. just the date. the time. the minutes. watching them tick way too fast. way too slow.
i have no photos to add to this post. a lie. i have plenty photos but my lids are heavy and i'm really about to pass out.

oh! a shout to randalin and wendy for creating another great set of themes for this week's currently post. i didn't realize i missed last week's until i started typing this one. i guess i suck.

ps. too tired to edit this for typos or plain old  non-nonsensical blabber... which in the ladder case would mean i'd be editing and deleting the whole post.
you know what: just ignore me and click on the link below to check out all the awesome bloggers that take part in this little link-up.
Harvesting Kale

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  1. I love that you've replaced chocolate bars with doughnuts. You are my kind of woman. At least you have the excuse that you're pregnant and experiencing cravings. People have sympathy for that. Someone sees me chomping down on a doughnut and I just get the "you are so unhealthy" side-eye.


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