she finishes his sentences, he finishes her wine.
the girl: quietly loud, socially anti-social.  she enjoys cooking, eating, reading, blogging... but seldom finds time for them all. in fact she's been reading the same book for 2 years {sweetness in the belly, by Camilla Gibb}. she started to blog because she loves to write, she loves to take photos and she was having a baby whose family was far, far away. she wishes she were more informed. more interested in current events. she rarely turns on a tv, doesn't listen to the news and can't eat while reading the paper {meaning, she doesn't read it}. she didn't even know what a blog was until she got pregnant. now she's entered this webbed-world and realizes that like everything it has it's pros and cons. she easily gets caught in the web and loses herself. she loves food blogs, baby blogs, funny blogs, inspiring blogs. she doesn't like cliquish bloggers. she doesn't like folding laundry either. especially fitted sheets. she needs help scrubbing her back.  she still likes writing but feels she's lost her words.  she likes wordy blogs. photos are nice too. but words affect her.  she likes affection. and she's very affectionate.  hugs. kisses. smothers. love.  she's a pisces. but doesn't care too much for astrology anymore. she's learned to stop seeking excuses for her life and her way.  she's sensitive. sometimes overly. she has more fingers than friends and likes it that way.  she's got a salty tooth and would much more prefer to be the understudy than the main actress.  especially if it means she'll never have to step onto the stage.  she has an obsession with center alignment and good will.  she wants time to knit and sew.  she tries to wear more skirts. she never wears high heels - which stems from a childhood belief that she was always too tall -- she's only 5'6".  money saved on heels is money spent on lovely floral sheets and pyrex. 
the boy: he's social, loud and obnoxiously magnetic. one of those people you pause at but you can't quite figure out. he loves eating, reading, playing volleyball and hockey.   he is a volunteer fire-fighter and emt.  he can't donate blood in canada because apparently he may have mad cow disease.  he loves skiing, scuba-diving and mojitos under the sun. he finds time for everything and never gets tired. he's probably read 30 books in the time she's taken to read one.  his family is far, far away. he's uprooted, overturned and re-arranged his whole life for them. he's made more friends here in one year, than she has made in all  her life. he rarely turns on a tv unless hockey is on. he vacuums, takes out the trash and changes plenty 'a diapers. he's full of ideas and always makes them a reality.  he never procrastinates. he loves to eat, but doesn't cook unless it involves a bbq.  he's real good at bbqing.  he hates folding laundry but is so good at it that she's jealous. he works from home and is sebastian's weekday morning person.  bathe, feed, dress, leave.  easier said than done. he likes to eat. make funny faces. and playishly annoy people -- especially her.  he has a potty mouth that will no doubt be the cause of many parent-teacher meetings.  he's laid-back, over-confident and lovely. he's a bit of a show-off too.
the baby: he's a the best of him, the best of her. social, affectionate, humble and stinky. he loves sports, especially hockey. he likes to eat and make a mess. he's got a personality that shines. a golden boy. he can stay awake for hours and hours without getting cranky or sleepy.  then suddenly passes out like a narcoleptic on NyQuil.  he's a man's man.  tools, sports, flirting with ladies.  he loves taking baths, brushing his teeth and running around naked.  he rarely runs straight. he has fat feet and a belly to match.  he's a fearless daredevil. with a killer smile. a twinkle in his eye.  he's has blondish curls, brown eyes and the juiciest lips ever.  only time will tell who's crooked nose he will get - or if a veer to the left and a veer to the right will equal perfect straightness. 

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